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Feto-linked Urselbach Gymnasium in German city of Frankfurt has been shot down due to financial problems according to Anadolu Agency. It was reported that the owners of the school applied for bankruptcy after failing to find financial sources for the school.

Sponsors withdrawing their financial support and lack of students forced the school to close down  in January the agency reported. The owners of the school applied for bankruptcy to a Bad Homburg state court as of March1st according to the report.

Germany has been one of the most popular destination for Gulen followers after squashed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15th 2016. They enjoy wide support from German authorities. Some most important figures of the coup attempt has reportedly been living in Germany while German government has been refraining from capturing them to return Turkey. Former Colonel and one of the most wanted person in Turkey, Ilhami Polat, was granted asylum recently by the German authorities. The most recent numbers of the government revealed that more than 1400 people applied for asylum in Germany in the first 2 months of 2018 most of whom are belieeved to be Gulen followers.

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