Turkish community in Germany criticized German authorities for cancelling the memorial for one of the NSU terror cell victims citing security concerns, saying it shows the immigrant communities could not be protected then and can not be protected now.

Halit Yozgat was murdered on April 6th 2006 in Kassel, Germany. He was one of the 10 victims of German terror group Nationalist Socialist Underground, NSU. His relatives, loved ones and other members of the Kassel community was planing to hold a memorial at a square near his cafe where he was shot dead. But the Kassel municipality cancelled the event citing security concerns. The mayor of Kassel, Christian Geselle, said `we could have incidents that could jeopardize the safety of those attending the event. Unfortunately, our reservations about the security forced us to make such decision`​  The mayor also said Yozgat`s family also agreed on the decision.

The leaders of the Turkish community, however, criticized the decision. The head of Turkish Community in Germany NGO, Atila Karaborklu, found the decision wrong and said the message of the politicians is “We could not protected you then and we can not protect you now.” Karaborklu also stressed the importance of the memorial at a time when mosques and Turkish businesses are under constant attacks.”

NSU trial has been continuing in Munich for 5 years and expected to be finalized this summer. Lawyers representing the victims say the involvement of the state officials in NSU have been covered by the court. Years after Halit Yozgat was murdered, security camera footage revealed that one intelligence official was at Yozgat’s internet cafe at the time of the murder.



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