German government said in its answer to a Parliamentary question that it has been in an open and critical exchange with Turkey over Syria and there is no proof that Turkey has any relations to groups that are listed as terror organizations by the EU or UN.

Angela Merkel`s government answered a Parliamentary question submitted by the Left Party. The government statement also placed confidentiality on some answers involving national interest and may harm the German National Intelligence Agency, BND. Those answers classified confidential can only be seen by the members of the Parliament and prohibited from revealing them to public.

According to the news on German state media DW, the German government also expressed concern on DITB having ties to Turkish government religious body Diyanet. The statement said DITIB should cut ties with Diyanet. DITIB owns around 900 mosques through out Germany but there is no proper university in Germany to train imams for the mosques. Turkish Diyanet employs imams to DITIB mosques.

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