A member of the Turkish Parliament said Germany has human rights issue and the European countries are violating its own values regarding the recent attacks on mosques in Europe and the relative silence of the European governments.

The members of the subcommitte met with the Turkish NGO members at the Turkish Consulate General in Cologne

Turkish Parliament’s Islamophobia Research in the Western Countries Subcommitte delegation is holding meetings with the members of the Turkish community in the German city of Cologne. The delegation visited Eyup Sultan mosque which was attacked by terrorist PKK/PYD supporters. Management of the mosque had complained about the attitude of the police when they arrived at the scene. The attackers of the mosque were never captured as the rest of the attacks on more than 40 mosques through out Germany.

The head of the subcommitte and the member of the Turkish Parliament, Adnan Boynukara, said the mosques in Germany should not be considered as Turkish mosques. “The mosques are here. They were built or opened by people who have been living in Germany for generations and are German citizens. So considering the mosques are Turkish, and the incidents are internal problem of Turkish community is wrong,” said Boynukara. “That mentality shows that Germany has human rights issue,” he reiterated.

The members of the subcommitte visited nationalist the Turkish Youth Union

Boynukara also pointed out that the European countries not protecting mosques and the members of the Turkish community from constant attacks of PKK/PYD sympathizers is a violation of Europe’s own values. “The EU have been requesting some democracy and human rights standards from Turkey on one hand but violating those values and standards on the other,” Boynukara said.

The Parliamentary Subcommitte will be meeting the leaders of Turkish community from all spectrums of the society to prepare a report on Islamophobia and submit that report to relative European Union institutions to offer solutions on the issue. Boynukara pointed out that only blaming the western countries for Islamopohoia is not the right attitude, the muslim countries and communities should also take responsibility to better assess the problem.

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