Turkey’s main opposition social democrat CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal said Germany is violating international laws by not protecting mosques and not providing right to worship referring to the recent mosque attacks which almost totally went unpunished.

Tanal is visiting German city of Cologne as part of the Turkish Parliament subcommitte delegation which is doing a field study about Islamophobia in the western countries. The delegation has been meeting the leaders of Turkish NGOs and religious foundations.

Turkish social democrat party CHP member Tanal visited the Central Mosque in Ehrenfeld district of Cologne

Tanal made his comments during a visit to Turkish Islamic Union of Diyanet or DITIB which operates more than one thousand mosques through out Germany. More than 40 mosques have been attacked and vandalized in Germany since Turkish government started an operation in Afrin region of Syria. Terrorist PKK/PYD supporters launched the attacks right after they released a statement on internet threatening every single Turkish institution. Since then, the attackers even posted one attack video on the internet but German police somehow have not managed to find the culprits.

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