German Government Defends Arms Export to Turkey: “No Human Rights Issue in Turkey”

Angela Merkel’s government said it pays utmost attention to human rights situation before deciding to export arms to a certain country in response to a Parliamentary question submitted by far-right AFD. The German AFD asked the government since Turkey uses German-made Leopard tanks in Afrin operation, how the government justifies the arms sales to Turkey.

German government secretly exported almost €5 million worth of arms to Turkey when it was being hotly debated in the country

The response of the German Foreign Ministry came on late Friday said the main criteria for exporting arms are human rights situation and German national security. The Foreign Ministry response stated that German government does not approve any arms sale if there is any suspicion on arms being used for suppression within the country. The statement said the government examines every single application throughly to import arms and if there is any human rights issue in the applicant country, no arms are sold.

Previous German Economy Ministry figures revealed that German government exported arms worth of nearly 5 million euros to Turkey after Turkish government launched an operation into Afrin region to eliminate PYD targets, ties of which to terrorist PKK was not denied by former defense minister Carter as well as the current National Security adviser Bolton of the US.

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