German Energy Minister: It is Important to Improve Ties with Turkey During an Era of Uncertainty in MidEast

Turkish Energy Minister Berat Albayrak met is German counterpart  Peter Altmaier in Berlin on Monday as part of his visit to attend the 4th energy Transformation Dialogue. The two minister held a press conference after having one on one and delegation meeting. German Energy Minister Altmaier stressed that it is important to improve ties with Turkey during uncertainty in the Middle East and Near East. German Minister also said it is unfortunate that he and Albayrak started off a relationship during when German and Turkish relations are strained. `But we will work hard for substantial cooperation. It serves the interests of both countries`, said the German minister.

Berat Albayrak and his German counterpart Peter Altmaier held a press conference in Berlin on Monday

Turkish Energy Minister Albayrak reminded that Germany is the second biggest importer of Turkish goods so Berlin is a indispensable partner for Turkey.

German Minister Altmaier also pointed his country is in a great effort to improve renewable energy in Turkey. Altmaier also said the two ministers agreed on working to convene Turkish-German Energy Forum at a ministerial level  in the upcoming months.


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