“German Institutional Racism Targets Innocent Kids, Criminalizes Muslims”

German State of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) has been following the footsteps of semi-racist Austrian government on banning Muslim headscarves. The state`s consideration of the law drew condemnation from rights groups for violating freedoms. The deputy head of UETD, an NGO that represents Turks in Europe, Asiye Bilgin said the proposal is criminalizing Muslims and German institutional racism is now targeting innocent kids.

North Rhine Westphalia has been considering to enact a law that would ban headscarves for kids under 15 years old. The proposal also requires monitoring/inspection of kids under 15 years old whom may be inclined to violence. Asiye Bilgin said this is a new dimension of criminalizing Muslims and also pointed out that this proposal is marginalizing Muslims and the German institutional racism is now targeting innocent kids.

The proposal has sparked national debate after it was announced. One of the fiercest defenders of the initiative is the secretary for the integration of NRW state, Serap Guler. She said on her tweeter account that wearing headscarf is a major decision and a kid should decide on her own rather than it being imposed on her by her family.

Integration Minister for the state of North Rhine Westphalia, Serap Guler, says her mother is also wearing headscarf but it is a decision to be made when one is a grown up

One Turkish journalist also asked Guler on twitter “If states (countries) should have more say on decision of the kids than their parents.” An academic at New York State University of Turkish descent answered saying ” I have deliberated on this matter a lot and came to a decision of yes.”

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