Erdogan Calls on Turkish Diaspora to Unite to Get Stronger

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Turkish diaspora to unite in order to be stronger and said one of the reasons why the European countries find the courage to disrespect Turkey is the divisions among our diaspora during his much anticipated speech in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.

“The reason why much smaller other diasporas being stronger and more effective than our diaspora is because they are united. The reason why how some European countries find courage to insult our country is the division among our diaspora,” said Erdogan to a crowd of over 10 thousand who seemed rejuvenated despite most of them being self-deprived of food and water because of the month of Ramadan.

Turkish President’s visit to Sarajevo was most likely the most covered event following the Bosnian war. Television crews from all over the Europe were present at the Zetra Arena to witness the historic speech of Erdogan. The European countries had earlier announced that they wont allow election meetings of Turkish politicians after Erdogan called for early elections to be held on June 24th. So Erdogan decided to hold a meeting in Sarajevo for which over 10 thousand people poured into the Balkan country from abroad.

“By embracing us here today, Bosnia proved that it is a much better democracy than those of western Europe,” said Turkish president. European countries, however, imposed the election propaganda ban only on Ak Party officials said Asiye Bilgin on her column in a Turkish daily. According to Bilgin, many politicians from opposition parties have appeared in election propaganda gatherings in European countries.

Bosniak member of the tripartite presidency of Bosnia, Bakir Izzetbegovic and his wife were also among those at Zetra Arena. The webpage BalkanInsight published a piece saying Bakir Izzetbegovic took advantage of Erdogan’s visit to promote his own election agenda for the upcoming presidential elections of Bosnia in November. However, Bakir Izzetbegovic can not run in the presidential elections as his terms are up.

Erdogan urged Turkish diaspora to acquire citizenship of the countries where they live. “If they allow dual citizenship, it is fine. But even if they do not allow dual citizenship, acquire their citizenship,” ordered the Turkish president, seemingly despite losing Turkish passports.

Erdogan also called on Turkish diaspora to teach their kids their native tongue properly while trying to receive the best education possible in their respective countries.

Turkish elections are to be held on June 24th but the diaspora voting to take place between June 9th and 17th. There are around 1.5 million eligible voters in diaspora which makes it the fourth biggest electoral region.

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