Record Turn Out Expected on Eid Weekend in Diaspora Voting

Turkish diaspora is expected to form long queues at the ballot boxes abroad on the Eid weekend which is expected to lift the turn out for the June 24 elections above the last year’s referendum rate.

Receiving more than 820 thousand votes during the referendum which made 59 percent of the total turn out, Ak Party started its diaspora voting campaign with 1 million vote target. However, on the first seven day of voting for the June 24 elections, the turn out started rather at a slower pace. But it all expected to change this weekend since holy month of Ramadan ends on Thursday.

87 years old Turkish man arrived at the Turkish consulate general in Cologne to cast his vote

“I believe fasting is the biggest reason for sloppy attendance. There will be a lot of people voting after Ramadan ends,” said one of the Ak Party ballot box official who preferred not to fast during voting because of long working hours.

Diaspora voters started casting ballots for the June 24th snap elections on June 7th. On the first seven days of voting, more than half a million people headed to the ballot boxes abroad. There are 3 million eligible voters in diaspora half of which reside in Germany. Another one million has to vote in order to catch the 49 percent turn out rate of last year’s referendum. For the June 24 elections, the turn out is so far 1.2 percent below the last year’s referendum when the first seven days are compared.

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