Turkish FM: PKK-FETO Lobbies “Poison” Danish Officials

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said terrorist PKK and FETO lobbies in Denmark are behind recent anti-Turkish stance of the Baltic nation on certain issues and warned that the Danish officials are being poisoned by those groups.

The Ukraine Reform Conference started in the Danish capital of Copenhagen on a warm morning of June 27th in which the European nations gathered to evaluate the reform process of the former Iron Curtain republic. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu hailed the recent steps taken by the Kiev government to fight corruption but said it has to eliminate the power of oligarchs within the economy in order to lure Turkish investors.

Speaking to Diaspora Daily on the margins of the conference, Cavusoglu said he met his Danish counterpart right before the conference and warned him about PKK and FETO activities in the country. Terrorist PKK has long been known for its strong base not just in Denmark but also in other Baltic nations as well. FETO members have also found save heaven in this quiet nation after fleeing Turkey following the bloody coup attempt in 2016.

Family Photo of the Ukraine Reform Conference

It was Turkish Foreign Minister’s first overseas trip following the much contested elections in Turkey which the governing Ak Party won by a big margin. Cavusoglu said his counterparts at the conference congratulated him on the victory. “It is much to their surprise when I mentioned that the election turn out was nearly staggering 90 percent,” said the Turkish minister. Cavusoglu also reiterated that almost 90 percent of the votes are now being represented at the Parliament which is enabled by the new presidential system. Turkish opposition had vehemently rejected the new system when it was taken to the referendum and they pledged to scrap it back had they won the elections.

Turkish diaspora overwhelmingly supported Ak Party and president Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the elections. Erdogan received 52.5 percent in Turkey but support for him was above 70 percent in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Austria. “Our diaspora compares Turkey to the countries they currently live in and they see that the margin of life standard has dramatically closed in,” pointed out Cavusoglu. Turkish minister underlined that the election ban which was imposed for only Ak Party by the European nations only boosted support for Erdogan.

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