Nazis Cheer NSU Verdict as Victim Families Slam German Justice

What is worse than a group of Neo-Nazis attending a court hearing is a group of Neo-Nazis giving a round of cheerful applause when the verdict is read out. That is exactly what happen at the final hearing of German terror group National Socialist Underground or NSU trial when the judge handed lesser sentences to suspects having been tried for 10 racially motivated murders, 2 bombings and 15 robberies.

A renown lawyer in Germany, Mehmet Daimaguler, tweeted “it was a good day for Nazis,” after a Munich court announced its verdict which actually released one of the five people being tried. The families of the victims as well as their lawyers were appalled with the verdict slamming German justice for openly protecting racists. The daughter of the first NSU victim, Enver Simsek, said after the verdict that German media, politicians criticize Turkish justice all time but what she witnessed inside a court just showed that there is no justice in Germany. She was only 14 years old when her father was murdered in 2000 and settled in Turkey a few years after. “My husband was killed once 14 years ago by this terror group but the court killed him again today,” said another widow who lost her husband to NSU terror.

Munich High Court where the infamous NSU trial have been taking place handed a life time sentence to Beate Zschape the main suspect and the only surviving member of NSU. However, Zschape could actually be released in 8 years although a life time mostly meaning 25 years in prison according to German law. 4 other people have also been tried for aiding and abetting the terrorist NSU. One of them was sentenced to 10 years for providing NSU members the infamous Ceska 83 by which all of the 10 murders were carried out. The other 3 received 2.5 and 3 years in prison which meant for one of them an immediate release because of time that has already been served during the 5 year long trial.

A protestor outside of a Munich court holding a sign saying “How many states are hidden behind NSU”

The verdict was cheered by a group of Neo-Nazis inside the courtroom. The judge only asked them to keep calm in a kind manner while threatening to expel the father of Halit Yozgat, the last Turkish victim of NSU , for yelling out a religious saying when his son’s name was mentioned. Ak Party deputy Mustafa Yeneroglu then left the courtroom to protest the attitude of the judge.

“The judge talked about the NSU suspects having kids and them being separated from their kids because of they have been in jail for some time. It apparently effected the judge’s light sentencing decision. How about the families of the victims. They will never see their fathers their husbands ever again,” angrily said Seda Basay who has been representing the first victim of NSU, Enver Simsek.

Simsek’s son, Abdulkerim, also said he always felt adhered to Germany because this is his own country. “This decision harmed my feelings of belonging to this country,” Abdulkerim said.

Mehmet Daimaguler also pointed out that the trial might end today but their struggle to bring about justice and expose NSU state ties, find real culprits wont end. “If they think we will get worn out and not pursue anymore what was really behind this, they are mistaken. We will be breathing on their necks,” the Turkish-German lawyer pointed out.

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