Suffering a Violent Attack on a Tram, Turkish Woman says No Place is Safe in Germany

41 years old Hacer Ugurlu embarked on a tram in the German city of Cologne on Thursday morning to get to work but instead suffered a violent attack on a broad daylight from a German man. She says such attack happening in a public place means there is no more safety in Germany anymore.

“He was swearing and yelling in German. As I got up and walk towards the door, he started punching me. He was almost going to kill me. There were many people in the tram but no one interfered,” said Hacer Ugurlu. As the train stopped, the doors went open and the attacker simply walked away. When the tram driver came by after the attacker disappeared, Hacer asked him why he opened the doors. The driver replied he was not aware of the attack. “There are cameras in each cars and the driver can see inside of the cars from the screen in front of him,” Hacer said. However, she says the driver claimed the cameras may not be working.

Hacer Yildirim suffered serious injuries to her head during the attack

The 41 year old Turkish woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she has been receiving a treatment. Turkish consul general Ceyhun Erciyes also visited her on Tuesday to express his condolences. Erciyes said he is in touch with Cologne authorities and following the case to make sure the attacker gets captured and face justice.

Hacer Yildirim also claimed that the police behavior seemed like they were trying to underestimate the brutal attack by diverting all the focus on the mental state of the attacker.

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