German Police Threatens NSU Lawyer by Slaughtering her 2 Years Old Daughter

A Neo-Nazi cell within Frankfurt police department threatened Seda Basay, one of the lawyers in German terror group Nasyonal Socialist Underground or NSU trial, by slaughtering her 2 years old daughter. Basay received the threat letter on August 2nd, on which her address and the name of her daughter were specifically pointed out.

German police had been carrying out an investigation into 5 police officers within Frankfurt police department for sharing Neo-Nazi messages. According to German media, After Basay handed the threat letter to the Frankfurt prosecutor, it was found out that she was threatened by the same Neo-Nazi cell.

The letter said “Disgusting Turk you will never beat Germany. Go back to where you came from or we will slaughter your daughter.” The Turkish-descent lawyer also defends the former body guard of Osama Bin Ladin.

Seda Basay

Basay represents the family of Enver Simsek, the first victim of German terror group NSU. She has stated many times prior to NSU verdict that German police had actually arrest warrants for the NSU members before they went underground and could simply save the 10 people by arresting them.

During the infamous NSU trial which lasted 5 years from 2013 to 2018, there have been many evidences that indicated German police and intelligence had connection to Neo-Nazi scenes in Germany. However, both the Munich High Court and the prosecution have been blamed by the lawyers of the victims for covering up the connection.

Another NSU lawyer, Mehmet Daimaguler, also reacted to German authorities on his twitter account. Daimaguler called on Federal prosecution to intervene. “This is right wing terror in uniform!” Daimaguler said.

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