Erdogan’s Lawyer in Germany Receives Death Threat

German lawyer Mustafa Kaplan whom represented Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan received an email on Monday from “Neonazis” threatening to kill not just him but also all the Turks living in Germany.

“We will kill all the Turks, slaughter kids, rape them all,” Kaplan said describing the horrific email. Kaplan represented Erdogan in infamous German comedian Jan Bohmermann case. “There are tens of thousands of lawyers in Germany. Why do they chose me is I think because I represented Erdogan,” the Turkish-descent lawyer said.

Picture of the print out if the email Mustafa Kaplan recieved

Last week another Turkish German lawyer, Seda Basay, whom was one of the lawyers in German terror group National Socialist Underground trial. The NSU murdered total of 10 people 8 of whom were Turks between 2000-2006. “I believe both threats are connected. I think Cologne prosecution would send my case to Frankfurt to be prosecuted along with Basay’s case,” Kaplan reiterated.

Frankfurt police had been investigating a Neonazi clandestine cell among the police department of the city. And later it turned out death threat to Basay was sent by the same group which called itself NSU 2.0.

Mustafa Kaplan called on the Turkish community to step forward without fear when threatened by the far right groups in order to fight extremism.

No lawyer association yet to condemn the two death threats to both lawyers.

Kaplan said those who sent the threat email asked for 10 million euros in bitcoins in order to prevent the murder of Turks.

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