Second Death Threat to Turkish Lawyer in NSU Case Reveals the True Extent of Neo-Nazi Cell Within German Police

A Neonazi cell within German police second time threatens one of the lawyers of infamous NSU trial is a bold defiance of re-emerging far-right groups to authorities.

Seda Basay Yildiz, a lawyer for the infamous NSU trial, received a second death threat just a month after 6 Neo-Nazi police officers were suspended for sending her a letter threatening to murder her 6 years old daughter.

German terror group National Socialist Underground or NSU murdered 10 people, 8 of whom were Turkish, between 2000 and 2006. The biggest scandal during the 5-year-long trial was the cover up of German police’s ties with Neo-Nazis. Following the controversial verdict of Munich High Court, families and the lawyers of the victims said the sentencing against single assumed member of NSU meant nothing unless NeoNazi collaborators among the police and intelligence were uncovered.

Seda Basay Yildiz

Just one month after the NSU verdict, Seda Basay Yildiz received a death threat from a Neo-Nazi group called itself NSU 2.0. The threat was revealed to the media only after prosecutors suspended a police officer for being a part of a NEOnazi cell within Frankfurt police department. It turned out the threat letter was faxed to Yildiz by this far-right group of police and later on 5 more officers were suspended.

The second death threat is considered a bold defiance of neonazi cell within German police to authorities. The new threat letter which was also signed NSU 2.0 included names and addresses of Yildiz’s parents which was obtained through police identification system according to German media.


The Turkish-German lawyer had requested police protection after the first threat. However, Frabkfurt police offered her gun license instead of providing protection.

Turkish community in Germany reacted to the second death threat of Seda Basay Yildiz. Academic Asiye Bilgin said on her twitter account that “Offering Basay arm license instead of protection proves how rotten German security system is.” Activist and freelance journalist Tuba Sarialtin also said it would be better to protect yourself than entrust to German police these days.

Another Cologne-based lawyer, Mustafa Kaplan had received a death threat last month which was also signed NSU 2.0. Kaplan said during an interview that he thinks both incidents are related and prosecution would merge the cases.

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