World Heavyweight Champ Manuel Charr Hails Turkey for Syria Effort

Mahmud Manuel Charr, Syrian-German world heavyweight boxing champion, hailed Turkey’s effort to rebuild Syria which he says will provide safe return for tens of thousands of Syrian refugees whom are mostly in Turkey.

The 34 year old heavyweight title holder recently had his suspension lifted by WBA after his B sample came out clean. Charr is ordered by WBA to make mandatory defense against Fres Oquendo on March 29th.

The Syrian-German boxer has already started preparing for the much anticipated fight. However, there is another important issue on his mind just as important as his defense of the title. That is Syrian refugees spread through out many countries.

“I hope 2019 will bring peace and prosperity to Syria. I hope tens of thousands of them will be returning home in 2019,” Charr said while he was working out at a gym in Cologne, Germany. Turkey has done a lot for my home country and Syrians, he added. “I would like to visit Turkish president Erdogan after I win the match against Oquendo to thank him and also visit refugee camps in Turkey as well,” Charr said.

The winner of that fight must next face the winner of a bout the WBA ordered between its interim titlist, Trevor Bryan, and Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller. Then the 34 year old will have a shot at meeting super title holder Brit Antony Jasuha who is recognized as “super champion.”

“I would like to meet Jasuha in Istanbul at the Olympic Stadium in front of 80 thousand Turkish fans whom have always supported me,” Charr said.

Manuel Charr met Turkish president Erdogan after winning the heavyweight title last year

There have been also interesting comments on what Charr has gone through with doping accusations. Some say the accusations he faced was caused by his appearance with Turkish president Erdogan.

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