Arsenal Star Mesut Ozil Visits Popular Turkish Drama Set with his Fiancé

World-renown football club Arsenal’s Turkish-German star Mesut Ozil is known for his strong ties to his home country despite being third generation to an immigrant family in Germany. Ozil is also a big fan of famous Turkish epic series. Turkish state tv TRT’s Dirilis Ertugrul which turned world-wide famous has also been on Ozil’s radar. The Liverpol star recently paid a quick visit to Turkish drama’s set while in Turkey with his fiancé.

Turkish media shared one single photo from the visit. Ozil and his fiancé posing the cameras with Engin Altan Duzyatan whom plays Ertugrul in the series that is now in its 5th season. Ertugrul is the father of Osman who is accepted as the founder of Ottoman Empire which ruled territories in 3 continents for 5 centuries.

Ozil’s post on instagram gathered half a million likes

Ozil posted the picture on his instagram account which has 19 million followers and he captioned the picture saying it was a pleasant visit.

Ozil also recently shared a video of a leading character in another Ottoman-era series which tells the story of Abdulhamid the II whom ruled the Ottoman Empire for 33 years right before it collapsed.

The anti-Turkey UAE-financed website Ahval ran a story about Ozil’s post saying he watches the favorite tv show of Erdogan.

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