German Judge Yells Xenophobic Slur at Turkish Descent Footballer

Xenophobia has became a daily routine in Germany especially in the recent years following the refugee flow into the country. A Turkish-descent member of German U-21 National team became the latest victim of rising racism.

19 years old Salih Ozcan was given a speeding ticket last year. His lawyer challenged the ticket before a German the court. At the hearing On Monday, Ozcan was represented by his lawyer. The judge Gerd Willi Krämer was heard referring to Salih Ozcan “pisnelke” twice right after the ruling was announced. Hendrik Pusch, a reporter for a Cologne newspaper, who happened to be at the courtroom to follow another trial also heard the xenophobic slur. He quickly reported the racist incident. After Pusch published the incident, the racist judge made it to the national headlines.

Ozcan’s lawyer spoke to the Cologne daily and reminded that his client, when he was only 15 years old, rescued someone’s life by risking his own. The 19-year-old German national player saved another teen from an oncoming train when the other kid fell on the tracks. The lawyer also said Ozcan wont sue the judge for his racist remark.

German football hero of Turkish descent, Mesut Ozil shocked the world last year when he came out and said he has been subjected to discrimination and racism in the German National team. The whole world heard from a first hand star how minorities especially Turks have been treated in Germany.

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