Head of Turkish Islamic NGO Visits Jewish Community Following Synagog Attack

Head of Islamrat, Burhan Kesici, said during his visit that if far right violence is not stopped, it will eventually harm all religious and ethnic groups.

Head of Islamrat, one of the largest Islamic NGO in Germany, pays a visit to Berlin Jewish community to offer his condolences following an attack on Wednesday at a Synagog during which two people were murdered.

A gunman stormed a Synagog in the eastern German city of Halle but failed to break in due to malfunction of his fire arms which saved several lives. The gunman streamed live his attack via a camera mounted on his helmet. He murdered one person outside if the Synagog and another one at a Turkish restaurant nearby.

Burhan Kesici

Head of Islamrat, Burhan Kesici paid a visit to Berlin Jewish community on Thursday during which he warned German state to stop the rising far right extremism in Germany.

“We have seen Neo-Nazis attack mostly Muslims in Germany but if these extremists are not stopped, the violence will turn on other religious and ethnic groups,” Kesici said during his visit.

In 2018, over 900 Islamophobic attacks took place in Germany. However, recent Islamophobia report revealed that Germany do not record Islamophobic incidents as separate category of hate crime.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and Berlin Ambassador of Israel were also visited the Jewish community.

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