Turkish Footballer in Germany Sacked For His Social Media Post Over Turkish Operation in Syria

A father of a 21 years old Turkish-descend footballer in one of the prominent clubs of Germany strictly warns his son everyday about not to share anything political on social media which might show his support to Turkey. Because the father thinks it might end his son’s promising career. And he only utters these thoughts to Diaspora Daily on the condition of total anonymity. Recent events just proved the father right.

German second division football club Saint Pauli just announced that it released the Turkish player Cenk Sahin after he shared an image of Turkish flag and displayed his support for the Turkish army on its operation into northern Syria against terrorist PKK’s Syrian affiliate, PYD. After Sahin’s Instagram post, pro-PKK politicians and lobby started an attack on him and pressured on his club. Sahin’s ties to Saint Pauli was cut off as of Monday.

Sahin’s Instagram post

“Do not think that you live in a rule of law and you are free. German government even scrutinize your social media likes,” said Zeliha Eliacik an academic with a degree in Ruhr Bochum University in Germany. That has exactly been the situation in Germany. If you show support for Turkey in any way, you may end up losing your job and career. “Freedom of speech has yet to arrive in Germany,” warned another activist who also refrained from openly identifying herself.

Two other Turkish-descent German National football squad members have also been forced to take back their likes of a photo shared by Turkish Football Federation. Controversial photo showed Turkish national team players performing a military salute after scoring a last minute killer against Albania. The salute is a popular sign of support to the army which have had thousands of fallen members in the past four decades against terrorist PKK. Ilkay Gundogan and Emre Can were forced to take back their likes after an immediate and immense pressure from German media and PYD supporters.

The social media post Ilkay Gundogan and Emre Can had “liked”

“I dont think one could see this happening in countries like China,” said the same father who makes sure his son does not makes a similar mistake. This is beyond discrimination another super star Mesut Ozil had brought to the attention of the world last year. “We have to live in a country where we have now have to watch what we “like” on social media,” he reiterates.

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