PKK Violence Against Turks Peaks as German Authorities Overlook

Ever since Turkish operation against PKK/PYD in Syria kicked off, there has been 18 recorded attacks in Germany by PKK supporters. Total of 16 people have been injured in the attacks.

Most recently a 50 years old Turkish descent German citizen was stabbed and critically injured in Lüdenscheid on Wednesday. PKK supporters were protesting the Turkish operation in the city center when the attack took place. The 50-year-old was stabbed in the back when he was passing by the crowd. The assault took in front of several German police but the attacker is still unknown.

50 years old German citizen of Turkish descent victim is still in a critical condition

The Turkish-German victim’s initials were only released by the state agency Anadolu as M.P. And his wife R.P. said at the hospital that there were 2 German police around the crowd whom stabbed my husband and the police just watched him being stabbed.

Victim M.P.’s wife at the hospital with Turkish Essen Council General Sener Cebeci

Turkey’s Berlin ambassador, Ali Kemal Aydin, said during a press conference on Wednesday that they sent a diplomatic note to German Foreign Ministry demanding the security of Turkey’s missions in Germany, Turkish descent people and their properties. First attack in Germany after Turkish operation had been launched was burning of a embassy vehicle in Berlin. Ambassador Aydin pointed out that pro-PKK troll accounts on social media targets Turks in Germany. He also reminded that Turkish Foreign Minister Suleyman Soylu and his embattled German counterpart Horst Seehofer had a phone conversation over the attacks and deputy foreign ministers are also expected to get in touch regarding the matter.

Turkish ambassador to Berlin, Ali Kemal Aydin

Despite the violence of pro-PKK people, Turks have preserved their peaceful manner. German media have been carrying the narrative of “spill over effects” of the Turkish operation but in reality what is happening in Germany is serious assaults of PKK-supporters on Turks and Kurds who oppose them.

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