Dutch Professor Rejects Internship Application of a Turkish Student Citing Turkish “Invasion” of Syria

Turkish operation into northern Syria against terrorist PKK’s Syrian arm PYD has ripple effects through out Europe in many aspect of life. While most of the Turks have been victims of pro-PKK violence, some of them are also denied educational rights.

Tanneke den Blaauwen, a Bacterial Cell Biology professor at the Amsterdam University denied the internship application of a Turkish student. Blaauwen cited Turkish operation into Syria for his decision. “I am sorry that you are a victim of Turkey’s invasion of Kurdistan. But for that reason, I do not accept students from Turkey,” his email respond to the Turkish student said.

Amsterdam University statement

“This is absolutely shows how even educational institutions have been politicized in Europe. Universities are supposed to be exempt from politics,” warned Halis Saka, an academic at a university in Istanbul. He also reiterated that this action of the professor has made an irreversible damage to image of Dutch universities.

The Amsterdam University, on the other hand, had to release an apology after the incident went viral on social media. It released a statement on twitter an apologized for the behavior of its professor. “This behavior is unacceptable. Political views nor ethnic backgrounds should be no excuse to deny anyone,” the statement said. Social media users were not satisfied with the statement and the school to lay off Tanneke.

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