Pro-PKK Club in Germany Enters the Pitch With Fascist Turkey Banner

German football teams in the western city of Duren TUS Langerwehe and SV Kurdistan enter the pitch on Sunday with a banner thats says “fascist Turkish state get out of Rojova.” The shameful action of pro-PKK teams drew reaction from the Turkish mission and community.

“This bold action in no way is carried out with the permission from German football federation,” said Ali Esen, a member of Cologne Integration Commission. Esen said the both teams would be penalized by the federation.

Turkish diaspora community in Duren also condemn the incident. Turkey’s Cologne council general Baris Erciyes released a statement “We made a written application to the state umbrella federation and said the incident ic unacceptable and aims to incite hatred between peaceful communities.” Erciyes also said the Turkish mission demanded an investigation into the teams and the players.

Prominent Turkish community members whom have been involved in professional sports also said Germany should not let sports platform turn into terrorism propaganda platforms.

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