Swedish State Brainwashes Elementary School Kids with Hateful Anti-Turkish Propaganda

Derya Mert found her 7 year old daughter burst into tears when she went to her school to have a meeting with the teachers. What made the 7-year-old cry her lungs out is a recent Swedish state policy to force elementary school kids to watch a show from a state TV which demonizes Turkey.

Swedish Education Ministry has been showing a state tv-produced controversial children news program called Lilla Aktuellt at elementary schools across the country. The program indoctrinates kids against Turkey by falsely portraying Turkey as murderer of Kurds and Christians. Turkish parents have reacted the racist policy on social media. “They are brainwashing our kids at public schools,” said Salih Kahraman on Facebook.

Another parent Zeliha Comert said she went to her kid’s school after having the same problem. She says she confronted the school principle about the racist practice which demonizes Turkey in the eyes of the kids. “Why are you forcing kids to watch such racist program. Turkey is not murdering kids, it is fighting a terror group,” she said to the principle. Comert says Swedish state officially turning Turkish and Kurdish kids against each other. Although the school denied showing the program, accounts of several Turkish parents confirms such practice taking place in several schools in Sweden.

A user on Facebook says other kids bullied her kid at school after watching Lilla Aktuellt

Turkey’s Stockholm embassy also released a statement after the racist school policy went public. The embassy said in its statement “We sent a note to Swedish TV officials about a program aired on October 11th which falsely accuses Turkey of crimes and demanded an apology.” The Turkish embassy also said it will closely follow the developments regarding the matter.

Oppression in Sweden against Turks is not limited to school kids. Derya Mert also said a lot of people she knows are facing verbal attacks at work places.

Swedish Education Ministry officials were not available for immediate comments on the matter.

Sweden is known for providing safe heaven for terrorist PKK supporters as the other Baltic states. Following the failed coup attempt in which 251 civilians were murdered, another group also flourished in Sweden: Gulenists whom are known as FETO in Turkey which also designated as a terror group by the Turkish government.


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