“New NSU-Like Terror Group Could Be Targeting Successful Turkish Students in Germany”

2 successful Turkish students in Germany have suspiciously lost their lives 2,5 months apart. The incident and ensuing details have raised many questions. Most important of them is if there could be a new NSU-like terror group in Germany which only targets successful Turkish students?

Dursun Karadavut lost his life on July 16th in Postdam, Germany. He was said to jump from the 5th floor of dormitory where he lived. German authorities believe he may have committed suicide and according to German police, he left a letter behind. The second victim Mert Cokluk’s dead body have been found at a train station in Nurnberg. German police once again focused on suicide rather than homicide.

Back in Turkey, families of the 2 young victims have good reasons to believe their sons were murdered not committed suicide as the German authorities consider. There have been many suspicious details in both cases that indicates to murder rather than suicide. Having no security cameras in the immediate surroundings of both of the incidents raised some eyebrows. And on Cokluk’s body, family spotted torture marks as soon as they saw the body. German police said that there were witnesses whom said Cokluk jumped in front of a train. But his body would be torn into pieces in that case. Mert’s body had a lot of bruises and his toe nail was pulled.

And the sister of Dursun Karadavut points to an important factor. She says her brother would not be able to see half a meter without his glasses. However, Karadavut did not have his glasses on when he jumped from his dorm.

Despite these blatant details, German police preferred to focus on suicide in both cases. It sounds very familiar to police’s attitude on early NSU murders. German terror group National Socialist Underground murdered 9 ethnic Turks in Germany in the first decade of 2000s. German police then kept blaming the victims and the families for years despite evidences of racist serial murders.

The Karadavut and Cokluk families now believe there could be a new NSU-like terror group in Germany to specifically target and murder successful Turkish students. It may sound absurd to make such claim over the death of these to youngsters but circumstances are very similar to early NSU murders. German police should consider this possibility and focus on finding links between the two incidents rather than ignoring strong signs of murders as it had done during NSU murders.

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