Angela Merkel Searching For “Braveheart” to Investigate German Terror Group NSU

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany needs brave people to investigate the shadowy NSU murders during a NSU memorial site visit, apparently implying that it would require a lot of courage to unearth the complex relations between far-right groups like NSU and state apparatus.

Angela Merkel attended the NSU memorial in Zwickau on Monday. A memorial tree for the first victim of German terror group NSU, Enver Simsek, had been destroyed a couple of days earlier. German Chancellor had condemned the attack and called for a full investigation into the crime.

German authorities then decided to plant 10 trees at the site on behalf of 10 victims of NSU. Angela Merkel also attended the memorial on Monday where she sort of confessed that the shadowy neo-Nazi group have not been brought to light despite a Munich court verdict last summer after a lengthy trial which sealed the case by assuming that the group consisted of only 3 people.

Angela Merkel planting a tree at the memorial site

“We need not just police but brave people to solve NSU murders,” said the German Chancellor. Merkel said the responsibility fell on the state and the politicians to make sure no such crimes are repeated in Germany.


The authorities planted 10 trees at the site each representing a victim of NSU. The Neo-Nazi group murdered 10 people between 2000-2011 8 of whom were Turkish descent. Chancellor Merkel was there to pay tribute to the victims. However, no families of the victims were invited to the memorial in Zwickau.

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