Turkey and Germany has Ongoing Arm Deals: Turkish Envoy

Turkey’s Berlin envoy Ali Kemal Aydin said Turkey and Germany has continuing arm deals and some political circles in Berlin have been trying to get German government to abort its responsibilities which would undermine Germany’s security.

Turkey’s Berlin ambassador Aydin held a press conference to inform the media about recent developments concerning Turkish German relations. Aydin pointed out that aborting pledged arm deals between Turkey and Germany is a matter of European security. “Canceling deals would harm trust between Ankara and Berlin. As a south eastern flank country of NATO, Turkey provides security to Germany and Europe,” he reiterated.

Turkish government deported 7 ISIS militants to Germany on Thursday. Ambassador Aydin said interior ministries of both countries are in close contact regarding the deportation of ISIS militants whom Turkey captured after entering Syria last month. German media, however, reported today that German officials has no evidence to indict those people with ISIS membership.

Ali Kemal Aydin also talked about suspicious death of two university students in recent months in Germany. He said those who come to Germany to study from Turkey should keep in touch with Turkish mission offices nearby. 2 Turkish students in Germany have been found dead 4 months apart.

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