German Integration Minister Refers Islamophobia as Real Threat

German Interior Minister Anette Widmann-Mauz introduced government’s 12th Integration Report on Tuesday. She said Islamophobia as well as Anti-Semitism and racism are real threats that need to be effectively tackled.

Anette Widmann-Mauz reminded during the presser conference that more than 1100 far right attacks take place in Germany. She also stressed that German government approved of the plan to tackle far right attacks about a month ago. The German minister pointed out that hate crimes committed on the internet were different and has to be equally struggled.

There are 20 million foreign-origined people in Germany whom make up roughly 25 percent of the population. However, especially Islamophobia and xenophobia have been on the rise ever since refuge influx into Europe started following the Syrian civil war.

German minister also pointed out that the key to integration is the language. “Many kids start school in Germany without any knowledge of German language,” she complained. Turkish families in Germany have been complaining that German officials push Turkish kids into lower schools using language barrier as a pretext.

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