German-Turkish Doctor Suspended After LGBTI Remarks

A Turkish-descend cardiologist has been suspended from a clinic where he has been working for 20 years following his remarks on social media. Metin Cakir said on his Twitter post that he finds transsexuality and homosexuality health disorder. Immediate removal of Cakir from his position showed that freedom of expression barely exist in Europe when the subject is LGBTI.

Metin Cakir has been working at Helius Clinic in south western German city of Karlsruhe. Cakir made the remarks on Twitter right after the subject turned once again controversial in Turkey following the sermon of head of the top Turkish religious body. Calir has been lynched after he posted the remarks and he was compelled to close his account. The clinic administration released the statement following the incident. The statement said Metin Cakir was indefinitely suspended from the clinic.

LGBTI controversy has steadily been growing in the world. It us virtually impossible to criticize LGBTI community in Europe which experts say is a blow on very Western values which provide the rights to LGBTI community.

A France-based journalist, Omer Aydin, said on his personal Twitter account that Protestant Church has already been surrendered to LGBTI lobby. Aydin pointed out that Catholic church has also been trying to survive after series of sexual harassment and rape incidents. Oner Aydin says Turkish Religious body is doing the right thing to defend Islamic values without any fear from powerful LGBTI community.

Another Germany based journalist who did not provide her name due to pressures she could get says this is a war on all religions. “Factions within Christianity lost this war and Islam is still fighting. All religions should stand together in this war, or else,” she said.

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