Another Mosque Attack in Germany, Police Ignores Islamophobic Motive

A mosque in German state of North Rhine Westphalia has been attacked on Thursday night while congregation complains that German police had careless attitude at crime scene and ignored Islamophobic motive.

Tugra mosque in northwestern city of Gerlsenkirschen was sprayed with hateful content in a latest saga of attacks on Muslim worship places in Germany. “Get out. From order to chaos,” sprayed one attacker on the outer walls of the mosque around after midnight on Thursday night while the second one was keeping on eye around.

The head of the mosque association, Kazim Unlu said police did not even watch the security camera footage and wrote a hasty short report. German police also said there was nothing else they could do about the attack. “Police will never capture the attackers if they undermine the incident. This is an Islamophobic attack,” Unlu added.

The congregation of the mosque had visited the near by hospital and presented gifts to health staff to convey solidarity and recognition on their hard work during coronavirus outbreak. however, mosque’s request from municipality to recite Adhan from speakers was rejected by the municipality. Several mosques in Germany was granted a single permission to recite Adhan -Islamic call to prayer- out loud to keep the spirit of the Muslim community up during coronavirus outbreak.

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