German Rule of Law Failed in NSU Trial: Lawyers

19 lawyers representing the family members of German terror group NSU victims slammed German justice system saying the written detailed verdict of the Munich High Regional Court on NSU trial was failure of German rule of law.

The statement which came after the court announced its 3 thousand page written verdict said the judges of the trial were hostile and showed disregard to the family members of the victims. Lawyers said the German rule of law has criminalized the victims and relatives for years and the verdict is an historic failure.

The written verdict revealed that none if the evidences which were collected during the 5-year-long trial was taken into consideration by the Munich court. Also the name of Andreas Temme, German intelligence officer whom was at the site when one of the murders took place was not mentioned in the written statement. Journalists whom closely followed the NSU investigation and trial said the written verdict showed once more that the whole NSU investigation and its trial was a disaster.

National Socialist Underground or NSU is a right-wing German terror group which killed 8 people of Turkish origin, 1 Greek national and a German police officer as well as a bomb attack on a Turkish neighborhood in Cologne between 2000 and 2008.

The terror group self-exposed after serious of suspected incidents. Two members of the group was suspiciously found burnt to death and the known third member Beate Zschäpe surrendered. Trial started in 2013 and lasted 5 years. On July 11th 2018, The Munich Regional Court announced its verdict which did not satisfy the public and the family members if the victims.

The investigation period and the trial showed how institutionalized racism has deep roots in German police force and justice system. German police kept blaming the victims and the families instead of searching for a racist-motivated attacker until the terror group gave itself up for unknown reason.

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