German Police Ignored Hanau Attacker Despite Xenophobic Record

German police was aware about the xenophobic criminal past of Tobias R. whom shot dead 9 people on February 19th this year in German city of Hanau latest information revealed.

German daily Frankfurter Rundschau reported on Thursday that several people have testified that they witnessed the bloody attacker Tobias R. bragging about having arms. At one point, at a youth center in Kesselstadt, a small town near Hanau, Tobias R. insulted young people and pointed assault rifle at them, according to the eyewitnesses cited by the German daily. When the police arrived at the scene, he was long gone and apparently the police did not continued with the investigation to capture him. Public prosecution was not also involved in the investigation and no comment has been made until now on why would Tobias R. was not apprehended after the incident. However, German police was made aware by this incident about a potential armed xenophobic in town.

The Federal Attorney General has also been silent on attacker’s manifesto. Instead, it has claimed that there was “no evidence of criminal offenses or dangerousness”

German police’s attitude prior to the Hanau attack was very similar to the events leading up to the murders of German terror group Nationalist Socialist Underground(NSU). The right-wing terror group members were known to the German intelligence services prior to going underground. German police also kept blaming the families of the victims with racially-motivated stereotyping for years while ignoring blatant signs of a racist murderer.

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