German Domestic Intel Job Ad Accused of Xenophobic Discourse

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV)’s controversial job advertisement stirred rage for having xenophobic referrals adding to concerns that the extent of institutional racism in the country might be much deeper than anticipated.

German domestic intelligence agency placed an advertisement over the internet seeking for a staff who would be in charge of far right activities in Germany. However, the ad itself accused of being xenophobic by social media users for its discourse. The advertisement mentioned 11 victims when referring to the terror attack in which 9 people were shot dead and took place in central German city of Hanau in January. 10th victim was the mother of the attacker and the terrorist Tobias R. committed suicide which accounted as the 11th casualty of the incident. The BfV advertisement mentioning the attacker as the victim has been rightfully found racist by the social media users.

The controversial ad also used the German word “Fremd” which means foreign when referring to the non-German ethnicities whom have been living in Germany for generations. Neo-Nazis call non-Germans “Fremd” since they think Germany is exclusively belongs to German ethnicity.

A Twitter user by the name of Katharina Koenig said in her tweet that “but of course they (BfV) protect society from Nazis.”

There have been a lot of report on how institutional racism in Germany is extended in deep into the state apparatus. Being accused of racism for a job advertisement which is supposed to be about fighting far-right extremism just adds to the worries that roots institutional racism is far beyond predictions.

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