Germany Says Foiled an Attack on Turkish Consulate and a Major Mosque in Cologne

German prosecution said the alleged ISIS terrorist whom was captured with large amount of explosives last week had been planing to attack Turkish Consulate in Munich and Cologne Central Mosque which houses the headquarters of Largest Muslim religious body in Germany.

A terrorist named Muharrem D. by the German authorities carried out series of attacks on a mosque and Turkish-owned business in the southern German town of Waldkraiburg since mid-April. He was captured last week at a train station near Waldkraiburg while carrying explosives on his backpack.

Investigators today released a statement that had some shocking details. The statement said Muharrem D. manufactured 23 pipe bombs and had 34 kilogrammes of explosives on him when he was captured. The ISIS terrorist had been planing some major attacks on Turkish targets, according to the authorities.

According to the statement, he also secured a pistol with ammunition as well as “significant amounts” of bomb-making equipment for planned attacks on nearby mosques, the Turkish consulate in Munich and a major mosque in the western city of Cologne which certainly means the Central Mosque which also houses the headquarters of DITIB, largest Muslim body in Germany overseeing over 900 mosques.

Turkish intervention in the Syria conflict and other actions by Ankara were the reasons for an “enduring hatred of the Turkish state and people of Turkish origin,” prosecutors said, adding that he aimed “to bring about a spiral of violence and retaliation” with his attacks.

The suspect, named only as Muharrem D., faces charges of attempted murder against 27 people by arson, and of grievous bodily harm against six, as well as planning “a serious violent act endangering the state”.

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