“Mosque Attacks in Germany May Turn on German Muslims”

Communist-Leninist terror group PKK supporters attacked a mosque near former German capital Bonn on Wednesday night spraying the name of the terror group on the outer wall of the mosque. Head of the mosque congregation says recent surge on Muslim worship places may turn on Muslims themselves if German authorities does not conduct proper investigation and bring the culprits to justice.

PKK was sprayed on the wall of Eitorf Mosque which belongs to the Turkish Islamic Union, DITIB, largest Islamic organization in Germany that oversees more than 900 mosques. Police launched an investigation into the attack but head of the mosque congregation, Irfan Saral, says German police does not take these types of attacks serious enough. “German police usually launches an investigation and after a few weeks cases are unsolved and closed,” said Saral who is the founding head of the mosque. He says this was the first such attack his mosque ever faced but Muslims in Germany are nervous about recent surge on Mosques. “Everyone is nervous and Mosques being attacked does not mean that these attacks could not turn on us one day,” he anxiously added.

According to official statistics, there were 99 attacks on mosques in 2019, 122 in 2019 and 35 attacks in 2020 so far despite big chunk of the year being spent by fighting a fatal virus. A few days ago a pig head was placed at the entrance of a mosque in German city of Stuttgart.

Most of the attacks on mosques in Germany are carried out by the supporters of terrorist PKK/PYD. Some of them are conducted by Neo-Nazis. However, German police captured an ISIS member last week after a series of attack on Turkish-owned targets and prosecution announced that the terrorist was planning to bomb a large mosque in Cologne.

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