German Police Arrest Man Planning Large Assault on Muslims

German police in Hildesheim city arrested a man who said during chat on a social media platform that he was planing to murder Muslims after he was reported to the police. Police quickly said the suspect has no political motive and has mental issues.

Celle prosecution said the man revealed his plan on carrying out an attack which would murder Muslims during a chat on Interchat social media platform. He was arrested by Hagen police in the city of of Hildesheim. Police said the suspect had no political motive but his confession revealed that he was serious about carrying out an assault on Muslims. Some police sources reportedly said the suspect had mental issues, a pretext German police is accused of using after in most of the foiled-attack cases about German suspects.

German law enforcement agencies recently received tips about possible attacks on mosques. Police increased security around the mosques in Hessen state, German media reported.

German police arrested a suspected ISIS supporter a few weeks ago with components to make large bombs after series of Turkish-owned business were attacked in the city of Waldkreiburg. Prosecution later announced that the suspect was planing an attack on a large mosque in Cologne where the headquarters of Germany’s largest Muslim bodies are located.

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