German FM Talks About Racism, Falls Short of Mentioning the Largest Victims

German Foreign minister made a stark confession saying racism did exist in Germany but fell short of mentioning the largest ethnic group in the country victimized by far-right Neo-Nazis. Mass was harshly criticized by journalists and the members of the Turkish community for not mentioning Turks whom have been facing state-backed systematic racism for decades.

As prominent Turkish journalist Banu Guven pointed out in her video on German News channel Deutsche Welle, some countries have been trying to cover up domestic racism by being outspoken about current American protests which have been prompted by the murder of George Floyd in the hands of law enforcement officers. Germany has certainly been one of those countries pointed out by Guven.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass spoke about racism as the protests rocked several cities in the European continent. Mass said murders did not certainly just take place in the US, Germany had its own racism problem as well. “We have witnessed Black people being subjected to racism. Jewish Kippa has been attacked in Germany,” said the German Foreign Minister which caused an uproar among Turkish community and journalists in Germany.

Yunus Paksoy, Berlin-based journalist for TRT World a 24-hour international news channel said on his personal Twitter account lashed out on Mass for not mentioning Turks during his speech. “How about Turks whom have been gettin murdered for decades and Muslims being subjected to racism,” tweeted Paksoy. A freelance journalist Bahar Unlusoy whom are Turkish-descent also went on Twitter to respond controversial remarks of Maas and ironically said “Thank God Turks are being subjected to racism in Germany.”

Turks in Germany have been subjected to fatal attacks if far-right Neo-Nazi groups for more than 3 decades. Several mass murders have taken place on Turks in Germany during which tens of people including toddlers have been burnt to death. Other Muslim minorities have also been subjected to deadly attacks some of them even taking place inside a court house in front of a judge and police officers.

Turks in Germany have also been subjected to institutionalized racism at every aspect if life for years. Prominent German-Turkish lawyer Mehmet Daimaguzel once said during an interview to Diaspora daily that having a Turkish name would simply get a suspect longer prison sentence at German courts which revealed the extent of the racism in Germany.

German police and other law enforcement institutions are known for covering up murders committed against Turks as seen during the murders and the trial of German terror group NSU. A lawyer for the victims of NSU, Seda Akay was recently sent a death threat from inside a police station in Frankfurt which vehemently showed that Neo-Nazis still freely exist within German police force and keep threatening the members of the Turkish community.

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