Turkish Community Expects Results not Rhetoric in Racial Profiling Investigation

German government announced on Thursday that it launched a study that would probe the racial profiling by German law enforcement agencies in light of persisting large demonstrations to protest racism. Turkish community, biggest ethnic victim of racism in Germany, finds the initiative a positive but enough.

One of the Germany’s largest Muslim NGOs, Islamic Community Milli Gorus which oversees more than 700 mosques in Germany welcomed the government decision. Its secretary general Bekir Altas comment on the initiative was better late than never. “Only a fraction of racial profiling victims search for justice so the real number of victims are much larger than the official numbers,” Altas warned in his interview with Perspektif. Altas reiterated that it was extremely hard to prove racial profiling while just that much essy to implement such racist policy for law enforcement officials.

Germany’s Justice and Interior Ministries launched a study which is currently in the “conceptual development” stage, a government spokesman said on Thursday.
The move came just days after Saskia Esken, one of the co-leaders of the left-leaning SPD party, claimed there was “latent racism in the ranks of security forces.”

Turkish community also asks for an independent investigation into racial profiling of minorities because they believe a government investigation would also be infiltrated by far-right racist groups which are deeply rooted in German state institutions mainly in the justice and police force. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said 2 years ago when she attended a memorial for a victim of German terror group NSU that Germany needed a “Braveheart” to investigate far-right groups within the state.

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