Turkish Muslim Groups Refuse to Sign Macron’s Draconian “Islam Charter”

Turkish Muslim organizations Turkish Islamic Union Diyanet (DITIB) and Islamic Community Milli Gorus (IGMG) refused to sign Emmanuel Macron’s the so-called “Republican values” charter aiming to take Muslims under strict state surveillance. Bowing to the state pressure, several other Muslim groups ended up signing the controversial charter which has been accused of bringing the second largest religion of France under state control by attempting to create “French Islam.”

Embattled French president Emmanuel Macron had tasked the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) to draw up a charter to pledge alliance to the republican values. French government says the charter is a part of an effort to centralize the formation and accreditation of Muslim religious leaders in the country. However, experts say the controversial charter makes false attributions to Islam by mentioning facts that are no issue among Muslims and literally bans Muslims from expressing any opinion on any matter even about those that involve themselves.

“165 thousand children get raped every year in France and nearly half them are incest raping but government acts as if Muslims are the real trouble in French society while ignoring the elephant in the room,” said a Turkish-French journalist. A couple of weeks ago former French minister Bernard Kouchner’s daughter released a book in which she exposed the tip of the iceberg on how child rape has been a common practice among French elites.

Most problematic article is the sixth one wrote another Fatih Karakaya, editor in chief of Muslim-focused French webpage, MedyaTurk. “Sixth article says the charter exists to fight political Islam. Those who talk about problems in other parts of the world would be labeled as political Islamists,” said Karakaya. “Meaning there will be no praying for Chinese cruelty of Uyghur Muslims, for example,” Karakaya reiterated. The charter makes Muslims look medieval by denouncing marginal practices such as female circumcisions or “virginity certificates” for brides as if they are widely practiced.

Political scientist Farid Hafez expressed his disappointment for Muslim groups that signed the agreement and said on his twitter account “My wonder goes not only at the French state, but also at the French Muslim community.” President Macron, on the other hand, praised CFCM for agreeing to the charter.

Turkish Muslim groups DITIB and IGMG refused to sign the charter but other signatories under CFCM umbrella represents roughly 80 percent of French Muslims. However, inside sources say the management of the Muslim groups barely represents the congregations but hang on to power with the help of the state. IGMG and DITIB refrained from answering questions about the possible consequences of their positions on Macron’s government’s threats. It is unclear what sort of enforcements French government would inflict ob DITIB and IGMG for not signing the scandalous charter.

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