Germany Provides Blue Pass for Prominent Gulen Cult Members: Turkish Media

German government has issued refugee travel document Blue Pass for prominent Gulent Cult member and former prosecutor Zekeriya Oz which violates the Geneva Convention clause that convicted terror group members are not being entitled to a travel document.

Turkish daily Sozcu revealed that Berlin has provided Oz and other prominent Gulenists with Blue Pass which can be obtained after one’s asylum application has been recognized in Germany. Gulenist Zekeriya Oz was an infamous prosecutor behind Balyoz and Ergenekon investigations which ended up imprisonment of several high ranking officials of Turkish military on bogus evidences when Gulenists controlled much of the judiciary in Turkey. Oz fled to Germany after Gulent cult failed the coup in 2016 during which 251 people were murdered. More than 10 thousand Gulenists have also fled to Germany after the coup attempt in Turkey.

The Blue Pass is issued for those recognized as a refugee or asylum seeker and valid in 145 countries. The travel document is a replacement for the passport from home country or the country one fled from. It is also known as “Convention Pass.” Sozcu claims that Oz has even travelled to Dubai after receiving his Blue Pass. The document, however, can not be issued for those who are convicted of membership of a terrorist organization, according to the Geneva Convention. Turkey has designated Gulen cult a terror group after it orchestrated a coup attempt during which 251 people were murdered and Turkish public witnessed its Parliament being bombed for the first time in history. As a party to the Geneva Convention, Germany should take into consideration that Gulen cult is a recognized terror group (FETO) in Turkey thus should not implement Geneva asylum rights for Gulenists, law experts say.

Turkish daily Sozcu claims German state has been protecting Gulenists to use them against Turkey but the paper says Gulenists are also taking advantage of Berlin’s position to expand its presence in Germany. German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung has published an article last month warning authorities about the dark side of the Gulen movement that started to expand in Germany. The paper said Gulen movement is more dangerous than Illuminati.

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