Germany Protects Alevi Massacre Suspects

Germany has been sheltering Alevi massacre suspects for 27 years and denied at least 10 extradition request of Ankara

Madimak hotel in central Turkish city of Sivas was set on fire on July 2nd, 1993 when dozens of prominent Alevi faith figures were inside. 37 Alevis were burnt alive while more than 50 people were injured during the tragic event. 24 suspects of the massacre fled to Germany where at least 9 of them still live up to this day, according to Turkish daily, Sozcu. Germany not just provided safe haven for the suspects of the massacre but also denied at least 10 extradition requests of Ankara over the years, Sozcu reported on Tuesday.

Germany granted citizenship to one of the suspects while another one has been issued permanent residency. 7 of them have been living in Germany with Blue pass, according to Sozcu. Whereabouts of the other 15 suspects are unknown.

Madimak massacre has been considered as one of the darkest pages in Turkey’s infamous 90’s. There have been several loose ends in the unfolding events on July2nd, 1993, which led to the massacre. There was no police intervention in early stages to the crowd while they were marching towards Madimak Hotel where dozens of Alevi figures were staying. Hundreds of Alevi intellectuals and artists had gone to Sivas to participate in Alevi festival. Fire fighters have also arrived too late after the hotel was set on fire.

Pictures of those murdered in Sivas

190 people were taken under custody after the massacre. 33 people have eventually been sentenced in prison for life after lengthy trials. 24 suspects, however, fled to Germany, Sozcu reported. Turkey has made at least 10 extradition request to Germany over the years but Berlin refused every single one of them. Madimak trials in Turkey have been closed due to statue of limitation in 2014.

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