NSU Verdict Casts Doubts on Hanau Investigation: Victim’s Relative

German president Frank Walter Steinmeier said on Friday that Hanau terror attack should throughly be investigated until there is no unanswered question left. However, relatives of Hanau victims fear that the terror attack in which 10 people were murdered wont be properly investigated as it has been the case for almost all previous attacks on Germany’s minorities.

German chancellor Angela Merkel, too, vowed a through investigation into the German terror group NSU murders in 2011 after dozens of abuses by German police during murders. However, after 5 years of trial, the verdict of a Munich court grossly disappointed the families of the victims. Lawyers representing the families called the NSU verdict a failure of German justice.

Hanau victims’ families now fear that the terror attack wont throughly be investigated by German police which NeoNazis have infiltrated. NSU 2.0 signed letters have been sent to lawyers of the victims’ families and other prominent Turkish figures threatening them with murder unless they leave Germany.

Cetin Gultekin

“NSU investigation and trial was nothing but a scandal. Police during the investigation and court during trial protected NeoNazis and state’s involvement with Nazis,” said Cetin Gultekin who lost his brother in Hanau terror attack. A Bundestag investigative committee presented its final report in 2017 which highlighted several scandals of the investigation. The report showed that Germany’s intelligence agency, systematically blocked investigations into the murders to protect their paid informants – all neo-Nazis who not only failed to provide information on the NSU, but used the taxpayers’ money they were being paid to finance neo-Nazi activities. While Munich court ruled that NSU terror group consisted of just three people, the report said NSU was much bigger: There was evidence of “several direct and indirect acquaintances of the NSU terror group in local, regional, and national neo-Nazi scenes.”

German police, justice system and the intelligence are still seen as institutions that protect NeoNazis. Gultekin last week said NeoNazis now are under Federal protection now.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany needed bravehearts to bring light on NSU terror group after the verdict during a visit to a memorial site in 2018. President Steinmeier also called for a through investigation on the first anniversary of Hanau terror attack. But victims’ families fear that Hanau massacre, too, will just be another racially motivated terror attack investigation into which will be hindered by police, intelligence and justice system.

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