German Taxi Drivers Protest Uber

Hundreds of taxi drivers in German city of Cologne has protested against Uber complaining that the Us-based ride sharing company benefits from unfair competition provided by a Federal regulation in 2019.

Taxi drivers most of whom are Turkish or that of foreign descent started their protest early Thursday morning in Cologne and will be joined by more colleagues from other cities, according to the organizers of the protest. “Stop Uber” is the motto of the protest and the drivers will head to the North Rhine Westphalia state capital Dusseldorf in an attempt to meet Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer.

Andreas Scheuer said back in 2019 when taxi drivers held a nation-wide protest that the government needed to take a balanced approach towards liberalization. However, taxi drivers claim the Federal regulation provided unfair advantage for Uber and they have been on the verge of bankruptcy especially since the coronavirus outbreak.

Uber has been heavily criticized in several countries for undermining the taxi industry and failing to provide safety nets for drivers including in Turkey and the United States.

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