Merkel Admits Racism Towards Turks After 15 Years in Power

German chancellor Angela Merkel said it’s really difficult for a person of Turkish origin to believe that they are welcome here (in Germany) and that they have equal chances after experiencing racist murders like Hanau and NSU. Merkel’s remarks comes as a first official confession after 15 years as a chancellor about largest minority group in the country.

Speaking at a press conference in Berlin following a video conference meeting with representatives of major ethnic groups and immigrant organizations, Merkel once again reaffirmed her government’s commitment to combat discrimination and racism. Similar assurances have been given by Merkel through out the years but racism towards Turkish community in Germany have dangerously been increasing.

Despite countless deadly attacks on members of Turkish community for more that 3 decades, German government has failed to prevent racism and provide justice that would satisfy the victims and the families. Most recently, NSU verdict of a Munich court has been slammed by NGO’s and lawyers representing the victims’ families. Angela Merkel had promised to shed light on NSU murders which was marred by scandals surrounding state institutions’ involvement with the far-right terror group.

Merkel said during the presser that Germany views the Turkish community as an integral part of society and that the government would step up programs to combat discrimination and prejudice, while also ensuring equal opportunity for people with migrant backgrounds in all areas of social life.

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