Islamophobia Victims in Germany Have Little Access to Proper Help as Handful Counseling Centers Lack Fundings

A recent study has found out that only 5 percent of counseling centers across Germany focus on providing support for Islamophobia victims while insufficient funding leave most victims with almost no access to proper help.

Hate crimes in Germany has been on the rise as refuge influx into Europe triggered racism and xenophobia in recent years. According to a study conducted by Germany-based Claim, Islamophobic attacks make up a large proportion of hate crimes in Germany. In 2020, 901 Islamophobic attacks have been recorded in Germany as hundreds of cases also go unreported because officials register them under different category, according to Muslim NGOs and activists.

Claim has revealed that only 4 counseling centers out of 79 which have been reviewed in the study across Germany focus on victims of Islamophobic attacks while insufficient funding causes those centers to turn down most victims without providing any help.

“ People need to be trained about Islamophobia as part of hate crimes to be able to provide support when necessary” Gizem Ceyhan from Claim pointed out when explaining awareness level of Islamophobia is extremely low in Germany.

Most counseling centers face either insufficient or periodical funding, according to the study details of which will be released on March 23rd. The study also underlined that those who suffer hate crimes can not document they sub-type of the crime which then makes it impossible to find out real extent of Islamophobic attacks.

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