French Interior Minister Moves to Stop Strasbourg City From Financing a Mosque Construction

French Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin asked Grand-Est and Bas-Rhin regions to file an administrative court complaint to stop Strasbourg city from partly financing a mosque construction as president Emmanuel Macron’s government faces growing criticism over treatment of its Muslim population.

Confédération Islamique Milli Gorus (CIMG) has been building a mosque complex in Strasbourg poised to be the largest of its kind in Europe when completed. The city council of Strasburg approved on March 22nd a grant of 2.5 million euros, 10 percent of the construction cost which triggered a row between the city administration and The central government.

French Interior Minister Gerard Dormant criticized the Green party-run city’s decision on Twitter saying he asked Grand-Est and Bas-Rhin administrative regions to take the matter to a court to stop the funding of the mosque.

CMIG is one of three Muslim confederations in France that have refused to sign a much-criticized “Islam charter” championed by Macron. The charter has been accused of being a government attempt to take Islam under total state control. CMIG head, Eyup Sahin said Macron’s government is attempting to punish his organization for refusing to sign the controversial charter.

Strasbourg Mayor Jeanne Barseghian has also said the mosque project has been in the works since 2017, before she was elected, and that the funds are contingent on Milli Gorus presenting both a solid financing plan and “a reaffirmation of the values of the Republic.”

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