German Kurds Support Turkish Operation into Syria

Turkey launched an operation into Northern Syria on Wednesday against terrorist PYD to protect its national security. Simultaneously, western media started the narrative that Turkey started an attack on Kurds. German Kurds, however, as opposed the media narrative, say Kurds support Turkey’s operation against YPG/PYD.

Canan Durna has been living in Germany since she was 3 years old. Her family moved to Germany from pre-dominantly Alevi Kurdish city of Tunceli. Durna is also an Alevi Kurd.

Canan Durna, on the left

“We live in Germany but out motherland is Turkey. We support Turkey’s operation but German media would never reflect our voices as Kurds because we support this operation,” said the 41 years old activist. According to Durna, European media equate all Kurds with PKK/PYD and that is not the case at all. “If a Kurd is anti-PKK, he/she would never be interviewed by any German media outlet,” she reiterated.

41 years old Mustafa is also a Kurd from Diyarbakir living in Cologne. For the past two days, Mustafa spends a lot of time following the developments in northern Syria. “I hope Turkish army would succeed clearing Kurdish lands from that terror group. They have murdered, jailed many Kurds who initially opposed them after Syrian government lost control and silenced the rest. As the Turkish army liberates those areas, Kurds there will be able to come out and speak freely of brutality of PKK,” said Mustafa who did not want to provide his last name out of fear. “PKK supporters can harm my family my kids. We are not protected here from them,” he complained.

Some PKK/PYD supporters also held protest in Hamburg as the Turkish operation kicked off on Wednesday. During Afrin operation of Turkey, over 100 mosques had been attacked in Germany by PKK supporters. Turkish Islamic institutions are now in high alert to prevent similar attacks.

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