German Catholic Church Slanders DITIB by its Statement

Georg Bätzig, head of Inter-religious Dialogue Subcommitte of the German Catholic Church, criticized Turkish Islamic Institution, DITIB, for holding prayers for the victory of the Turkish army in its operation in northern Syria. However, Bätzig’s statement was based on fake news because DITIB never hold any prayers regarding the Turkish operation.

Georg Bätzig called on DITIB not to involve God in wars. “We Christians have learned from bitter experiences in our history,” he said. “Prayers of victory impose a religious explosion on this conflict. It gives a legitimacy that religion should not give,” Bätzig continued.

The whole statement was based on the announcement of Turkey’s top religious figure, Ali Erbas, a few days ago. Erbas said the mosques in Turkey would recite relevant verses from the Holy Quran for the victory of the Turkish army in its operation in Syria. The statement was taken automatically that DITIB would hold the same prayers because of its ties to Turkey’s Religious Authority.

However, DITIB which runs nearly one thousand mosques in Germany did not hold any praying sessions regarding the operation in Syria.

An interior picture of DITIB’s Central Mosque in Cologne where also its headquarters are located.

Last year, during Turkish operation in Afrin, terrorist PKK-hold pocket between Syria and Turkey, same accusations had been made against DITIB. The officials then came out and said it did not officially hold prays for the victory of the Turkish army. However, individuals had the right to pray for anything they wanted, it said.

Turkish community, on the other hand, reacted to the statement of the Catholic Church. An official from DITIB, spoke to Diaspora Daily on the condition of total confidentiality. “Ignoring the fact that Turkey has been a subject of PYD/PKK terror attacks and the church historically known as the organizers of the crusades, and recent rape incidents, I think the church first should correct itself,” the source said.

Bätzig’s call on to moderate the “parties” to ease the tensions between Turks and “Kurds” also was criticized by the Turkish community. One Cologne resident said the violence is solely caused by PYD/PKK supporters. They violently injured at least 20 people one being in critical condition during the protests.

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